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Type 2 Diabetes Part I

The Disease That Is Killing My Family – Part One

Published on May 18, 2016

Type 2 Diabetes is the most serious public health issue of our lifetime. A quarter of a million New Zealanders already have it. And one in three adults are at risk. What is it like for the people living with this disease? And how do we stop our children and grandchildren suffering the same fate?

Forty years ago Type 2 Diabetes wasn’t heard of… now our health systems are overwhelmed with patients on dialysis, having amputations, and losing their sight. What has changed and why are we becoming sick? Ropata Adams-Walker put his health on the back-burner, but with a seventh child on the way he’s ready to face a diabetes test and get his health back on track. Brian Kairau was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes sixteen years ago. He’s on dialysis and is facing losing his foot.


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