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Twice the Love

Nicole is a hairstylist of 13 years. A while ago life changed in an instant for Nicole. She knew she was pregnant with twins.

Twice the love in these little bundles of joy

By Laura Duggleby

Nicole is a hairstylist of 14 years. A while ago life changed in an instant for Nicole. She knew she was pregnant with twins. However, she learned about 15 weeks into the pregnancy that both of her children would be born with Down syndrome.

In hearing the news, she was also instructed that she had about 2 weeks to make a decision for whether or not to continue forward with the pregnancy. Thankfully her family were a wonderful support system through this ordeal, especially her grandmother who also has a child with Down syndrome.

After thinking through everything Nicole realized that her love for these precious children growing inside of her were worth caring for, protecting and loving. She decided to continue moving forwards with her pregnancy and now she has two amazing and beautiful little girls; Blakeley and Brynnlee, identical twins with Down syndrome.

Brynnlee unfortunately was born with a complication of a hole in her heart and will need heart surgery in the future to repair this.

In talking about motherhood and how it has changed Nicole she said it has made her a better person and that she loves it and wouldn’t change it for the world!

I asked Nicole what some of her fears for her girls are considering their Down syndrome and she talked about the fear of them being made fun of, and the possibility that they may not be able to live on their own someday. She just wishes for them to be treated like every other child and not treated differently because of their condition.

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