Color & Control:

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Thumbs up…to International travel provider Sonders & Beach and RINA who partnered to launch the first ever LGBTQ+ certification program. The idea is to grade and certify travel service providers, such as hotels and resorts, and provide a safe environment for LGBTQ+ travelers. Current members include: Best Western, Leonardo Hotels, UNA Hotels, Municipality of Milan and Crema.

Thumbs down…to Amazon Alexa who can be programmed to sound like a deceased loved one. And it’s not just dead relatives Amazon is eyeing as a potential growth market. Your neighbour, best friend from Grade 7, your favourite waitress, Melania Trump the Alexas of the future could simulate anyone.
Source: Toronto Star

Thumbs up…to climate activists who focus on disability rights for raising their voices and gaining official status as a caucus recognized at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. (COP). This also means conference venues will be more accessible, that the group can now work on achieving “constituency status” and “loss and damage” rights for people with disabilities will be on the table.
Source: United Nations

Thumbs up…to Apple for releasing a new WatchOS medication-tracking tool. This feature allows users to scan and import a pill bottle, and set up schedules to track when to take medication. AFIB history, sleep stages and new ways to track workouts have also been unveiled.

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