Color & Control:

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs down…to Meta for continued lack of inclusion in the Meta Avatars Store where visitors are encouraged to dress able-bodied avatars in luxury fashion brands. Not the first time Zuckerberg and co have “forgotten” persons with disabilities in their offerings. Source:

Thumbs up…to 75 to 99 year old runners at the National Seniors Games. With many participants taking up the sport in their 60s and beyond, it’s not a surprise that some needed help to tie their shoes. Their secret sauce: stay consistent, stay persistent and stay in motion. Source:

Thumbs down…Ontario’s WSIB for refusing to compensate veteran CBC journalist Colin Butler PTSD claim. After covering a number of harrowing murder cases. Butler found himself crying at work and soon after, was diagnosed with PTSD. He has since appealed, arguing that journalists can suffer PTSD in the same way that front-line responders do. Source:

Thumbs up…Kind-hearted Sarah MacLaren who organized a GoFundMe campaign to buy a four bedroom town house for her co-worker Alvero Wiggins and his family of five. Alvero, a youth worker in Halifax was diagnosed with kidney failure and unable to work while waiting for a transplant. Source:

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