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The subject of disability is generally a very serious topic. Here are 10 funny answers to a common questions...

 “Why Am I Disabled? Well…”

The subject of disability is generally a very serious topic. With so many inaccessible places in the world, not to mention discrimination, stereotyping and bad organization procedures, there’s a lot to improve. Being disabled, however, doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Disability Horizons is testament to that: This U.K.-based magazine is always sharing the stories of people with impairments who are loving life.

But not everyone realizes that people with disabilities have a fun-loving side, just like anyone else. Some people are even surprised if we go outside! Do these people realize we have a sense of humour too? Shocking! It’s sometimes amusing to ‘play’ with these uninformed folks, particularly when asked patronizingly: “Why are you disabled?” So we posed a very unusual question to our Twitter and Facebook people: What funny reasons have you given, or heard someone else say, to explain a disability?

Here are some of their responses.

1. The unfortunate adrenalin junkie: “Well, I was free-falling from a plane toward the sea for a quick swim, and didn’t realize the rocks were so close.”

2. The punished past-life sinner: “I was Jack the Ripper in a past life. Seems karma does strike.”

3. The current life sinner: “I didn’t eat my vegetables as a child.”

4. The over-zealous partygoer: “I’m still hungover from 1999.”

5. Lazy Lothario: “I’m a very lazy person. I also enjoy the sight at this height. Don’t worry, I won’t bite.”

6. Martyr and hero: “I saw an elderly person being robbed, so I beat nine of the 10 gang members,” or “You should have seen the other fella!”

7. God’s stork: “A stork left me on my parent’s doorstep like this.”

8. In response to the most common questioner, a nosy taxi driver: “I was a taxi driver too, and crashed. I was being nosy and forgot to look where I was driving.”

9. The animal lover: “I was on a safari, getting up close to lions, even touching them. But one of them didn’t like me tickling its belly so it went crazy. I don’t hold it against him though.”

10. Surprised and satisfied: “Oh gosh, I hadn’t noticed. Thanks for letting me know. I actually quite like it, though.”

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