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Teen With Autism Forgets Lyrics…

But Talent Show Audience Has His Back

“It was just that magical moment where it just felt like the entire community rallied around him.”

A school talent show audience offered assistance when a teenager with autism forgot the words to Let It Go from the Disney film Frozen.

Touching footage posted online showed how children watching Jagger Lavely’s performance at the concert organized by Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, on Saturday night spontaneously started to sing along with him. The added support gave the 13-year-old boy, who was dressed as Olaf from the hit animated movie, enough confidence to pick up the lyrics again.

Jagger ended his appearance to roaring applause.

“It was just that magical moment where it just felt like the entire community rallied around him,” Jagger’s mother Stacey Lavely told WCVB Boston.

“He was so excited that everybody did that for him,” she added to ABC News. “The kids rallied around him. They showed him that he is not disabled but he is just differently able-ed.”

Olivia Klein captured the heartwarming moment on camera for the Shrewsbury Media Connection. 

You could see a visible change in his mood,” Klein said. “He got really uplifted and he finished the song strong.” 

The footage has now gone viral.

What made the moment even more special was that Lavely didn’t know any of the kids in the audience because he attends a different school out of town.

“I just feel so blessed to live here in Shrewsbury and for the way the kids and the community supported him,” his mother said to ABC News.

Watch Jagger’s full performance here:

Jagger Lavely was dressed as Olaf, to perform Let It Go for the talent show at Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.
Published on Apr 12, 2016

Feature photo: Disney Junior via Getty Images
Videos: Autism Behavioral Services and YouTube

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