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Fun and Fabulous High Tech Products

Embrace Smartwatch
A revolutionary and stylish watch will soon make things a little bit easier for those who experience seizures. Available for pre-order to be delivered in October 2015, this watch can measure stress levels and sleep patterns, and can detect an oncoming epileptic seizure. It will allow you to monitor what is going on within your body via your smartphone, and if something like a seizure does occur, it will alert anyone you have nominated to receive an alert, thus eliminating the chances of having an episode alone. $248 at

This wearable mouse, called Mycestro, uses gestures to control the cursor on your computer. It has three buttons on the thumbpad that correspond to the left, middle and right buttons on a traditional mouse. Owners can also scroll by sliding their thumb along the thumbpad from side-to-side. This device will work in any position up to 9.1 meters away from the USB port that it will need to be hooked up to. $149 at

BLITAB is the first tactile tablet. It coverts any text file—from USB sticks, memory cards, web browsing or NFC tags—into Braille. Similar to an e-book, the screen displays small physical bubbles that can be used much like Braille to read the content. The bubbles rise and fall on demand making it easy to read whole documents or to switch from one piece of text to another. You can pre-order a Blitab at

British designer Sam Pearce has created Loopwheels, a spoke-less, shock-absorbing wheel that’s now being used on wheelchairs and bicycles. Instead of spokes they have composite springs for extra suspension and shock absorption, making a bumpy road feel like velvet. Loopwheels has been shortlisted for the London Design Museum’s Design of the Year Award. Visit

WearSens Necklace
Nicknamed the “diet choker”, the WearSens necklace monitors your eating habits and informs you when you’re overeating by measuring vibration patterns when food is travelling down the throat and transmiting the information to an app on your smartphone. The app uses your weight, height and age and notifies you when you have exceeded your daily calorie limit. From

Sesame Phone
Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a phone without lifting a finger? Soon users will have this opportunity, thanks to Sesame touchless technology. For people with limited or no use of their hands, Sesame turns on with a small head gesture, and from that point on it is activated by voice and gesture. Even with the slightest of head movements, the curser will move on the screen. Pre-order options available at

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