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Fun and Fabulous High-Tech Products

Tecla is for anyone who can’t easily use a smartphone, tablet or computer. This includes those with limited upper-body mobility resulting from spinal; cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, or stroke. Tecla allows an individual to interact with their iOS and Android devices or computers—hands-free. This includes the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android smartphones and tablets. It works with all assistive switches on the market including buttons, sip-and-puff controllers, head arrays, joysticks and the driving controls of a wheelchair.

This application for the iPhone (AAPL) teaches people the sign language for individual letters of the alphabet so they can begin spelling words. Users can practice by imitating the on-screen hand. Handy for folks with late-life hearing loss and for teaching children. Created by Dr. Bill Vicars.

Toyota Winglet
Designed to contribute to society by helping people enjoy a safe and fully mobile life, the Winglet is a compact next-generation everyday transport tool that offers advanced ease of use and expands the user’s range of mobility. A unique parallel link mechanism allows the rider to go forward, backward and turn simply by shifting body weight, making the vehicle safe and useful even in tight spaces or crowded environments.

If you haven’t heard already, the future of wearables is going to get under your skin—literally. Implantable technology trackers may still be a distant future, but Chaotic Moon is presenting an interim option in the form of Tech Tats. These removable biosensor wearables put complicated circuitry into the form of a temporary tattoo. Before you know it, you could be wearing a Tech Tat to get diagnostics when you’re feeling ill, to monitor your fitness during a workout, or even to check in for an annual physical from the comfort of your home.

Iveo Tactile Touch & Audio Learning System
For folks with visual or learning disabilities, the Iveo system teaches via touch, sound, and sight. It makes documents more interactive for readers and, using all the learning modalities, increases retention. It can output braille, too.

Navevo, a European technology company, has developed a BBNav GPS navigation system designed specifically to help drivers and passengers with disabilities find parking spaces in the U.K. The parking permit is displayed upon parking a vehicle carrying a person whose mobility would be otherwise significantly impaired by age, illness, disability or infirmity. The BBNav device looks like, and functions like a GPS. The BBNav has a 4.3 inch touchscreen, NAVTEQ maps of the UK and Ireland, and hands free Bluetooth calling capabilities.

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