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A selection of fun and fabulous high-tech products you may want to know about...

Fun and Fabulous High-Tech Products

Self Stirring Mug.
A novel idea for those of us who love our double-doubles. The whirling disc at the bottom spins when the button is pressed to easily blend cream and sugar. No need to waste a clean spoon. Both tech-savvy and time-saving, this mug also keeps coffee warm with its stainless-steel build. Just add batteries and let the mug do the rest.

Emergency Chat.
Jeroen De Busser, a University of Antwerp computer science student with autism, has developed an app to help people in difficulty communicate with others in an emergency. After experiencing an anxiety attack during which he couldn’t speak, De Busser built the app to allow people who are non-verbal to type a message. Others can then read the message and respond. The three categories that users can select to help passers-by understand the problem are ‘aspie meltdown’, ‘asthma attack’ and ‘trach meltdown.’

Loo Read.
For those who like to read anytime and anywhere, the Loo Read fits the bill! It’s perfect for narrow bathrooms, as the removable shelf can stretch from one wall to the other. The Loo Read also can be used for puzzles, applying make-up or holding an iPad or phone.

Rip n Go.
After having her second child, Louise Miner developed Rip n Go to make changing sheets after those night-time leaky diapers less of a time-consuming chore. Rip n Go is a two-part sheet that consists of a waterproof pad and a bottom sheet, which connect to each other with Velcro rims. Benefits include easy detachment/attachment of the soiled/clean sheet, and a top pad that has three layers of fabric for wicking. The first layer is a polyester–cotton blend that is comfortable and allows liquid to seep through. The second is a microfiber layer that absorbs liquid, and the third is 100 per cent waterproof to protect the mattress. Health Canada approved.

Piano Gloves.
Unleash your inner maestro with these USB piano gloves for “music on the go.” Slide the gloves on, touch your finger to any surface and listen to the sounds you’re producing. The right hand works as the treble clef, while the left hand is the bass. The gloves feature eight different instrumental sounds, eight background rhythms and six built-in songs, and each fingertip represents a different note. A low-cost and entertaining alternative that takes up less space than a piano.

Gulu Multi-function Keyboard Cleaning Gel.
Does your keyboard look clean on the outside? In reality, there are could be millions of bacteria living on its surface. This keyboard cleaning gel can come to your rescue, disinfecting the keys, absorbing dirt and dust from your keyboard’s cavities, and eliminating 80 per cent of germs. Press and pull the gel off, and the dirt is gone without residue!

ConfiTEX Absorbent Underwear.
Two New Zealand skiers have developed the world’s first elegant, sexy and “feel good” incontinence underwear. It is absorbent, waterproof, pad-free, machine-washable, eco-friendly and, luckily for all of us, affordable. A cup-full of fluid can be absorbed throughout the day.

For more information, please contact the appropriate distributors. Abilities does not, endorse or guarantee the reliability of these products.

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