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Weatherman umbrella

Thanks to a whole lot of innovative engineering, this collapsible umbrella by Weatherman can withstand wind gusts up to 55 mph. Designed by a meteorologist who’d spent his life in all sorts of inclement weather, this brolly will survive drops and wind inversion—a weak point for most umbrellas. The Weatherman® Collapsible Umbrella is an ingenious spin on the commuter umbrella. It combines intuitive engineering with a modern design to bring you one of the easiest to use collapsible umbrellas on the market.


This orthopedic cast adapts to the patient’s skin. FlexiOH is made of biocompatible foam and has padding on the inside to ensure comfort, but more importantly it allows air circulation and evaporation of sweat or water on the skin surface. The device is also waterproof, allowing the user to swim and shower with ease, or even wash it.


Using data collected via its digital skin assessment tools, Neutrogena has developed personalised ‘nutrient stacks.’ Each nutrient layer is designed to address a specific area of skin concern. After completing a self-scan, you can order their gummies from 3D printing specialist Nourished.

Bombas Gripper Slippers

The perfect sock/slipper combo makes you feel like you are walking on a cloud. Combine the cosiness of socks with non-slip slippers for those perfect days off, or ideal footwear when working from home to keep your feet warm and comfortable while indoors.


This supportive, cushiony wedge sex pillow is soft, yet structurally firm, it fits into familiar positions or turns your world upside-down. Covered in a 100% cotton shell and soft foam. Pillo is made to enrich experimentation and harmoniously blend into your bedroom decor when not in use.

ExpressVote XL

This new voting machine uses modern technology to help make voting more accessible for Blind and DeafBlind individuals by using a 32-inch touchscreen, multiple languages, larger text and high-contrast colours, various assistive input devices, and it can be positioned for both standing and seated voters all while providing the same privacy as regular voting.

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