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Preventing Senior Moments: How to Stay Alert into Your 90s and Beyond

By Stan Goldberg

It is not uncommon for those reaching the late stages of their life to have a ‘senior moment’. As an expert in areas of aging, human information processing, change, and end of life issues, Dr. Stan Goldberg explains the science behind ‘senior moments’. With a touch of humour, the book demystifies these moments, how to recognize the signs, and strategies for preventing them, in a uniquely inspiring way.

Rowman & Littlefield

The Art of Conscious Conversations
Transforming How We Talk, Listen, and Interact

By Chuck Wisner

Ditch the negative mental habits that derail conversations and destroy projects, and discover a framework for forging authentic, enduring, and productive connections.

We live in conversations like fish live in water—we’re in them all the time, so we don’t think about them much. As a result, we often find ourselves stuck in cyclical patterns of unproductive behaviours. We listen half-heartedly, react emotionally, and respond habitually, like we’re on autopilot.

This book is a practical guide for thoughtfully reflecting on conversations so we can avoid the common pitfalls that cause our relationships at home, at work, or in public to go sideways. Wisner shows how we can form a connection from the very first conversation and keep our discourse positive and productive throughout any endeavour.

Penguin Random House

Path to Wealth & Wisdom: 100 Commonsense Tips for Self-Growth & Fulfillment

By Younas Chaudhary

Many on the journey to financial freedom find it hard to find practical guidance without the financial jargon and doublespeak. Offering 100 brief tips that are easy for readers to takeaway into their everyday life, and apply them realistically. It is a book that is about personal growth, just as much as it is about money.

Independently Published

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