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A selection of fun and fabulous high-tech products you may want to know about...

Fun and Fabulous High-Tech Products

Spartan Boxer Briefs
Awesome looking and comfy, these undies are a bold new concept in men’s underwear… with a silver lining. A special metallic fibre is woven into the Spartan Boxer Briefs that promises to protect the wearer’s fertility by blocking 99% of potentially harmful radiation emitted by cell-phones. Now that’s ballsy!

S’up Spoon
Exhibiting an award-winning cutlery design, the S’up Spoon is able to steady vigorous or shaky movements to reduce food spillage. The spoon has a large cavity that extends into the handle, which has a pronounced arch to securely hold loose foods and liquids. Each spoon weighs 25 grams and is dishwasher friendly.

The Human Voicebank
This project, led by VocaliD, harnesses the diversity of human voice by sourcing over 40,000 members from over 110 countries to create a bank that powers text-to-voice devices. The Voicebank allows anyone to donate their speech recordings through its online studio, to be matched with a potential recipient’s gender, age range, and regional dialect.

Door Handle Door handles are one of the most touched indoor surfaces, making them a prime source for infectious germs to transit. British-based Jamm Products have come up with a simple yet unique solution in their touchless door handle fixture. The Hands-Free Door Handle also includes a lifetime silver ion additive that prevents bacteria from reproducing. Germophobes, rejoice!

Tecla Shield
Toronto-based developer Komodo OpenLab has created Tecla Shield, for hands-free use of iOS and Android devices. Accessible via assistive switches or wheelchair driving controls, the smartly designed interface has an 18-metre connectivity range, and a rechargeable battery that can last over 90 hours.

TEK Robotic
Mobilization Device The engineers of Matia Robotics have developed an innovative mobility platform that allows its user to independently and safely sit, stand, and navigate through narrow environments. A keychain-sized remote control will summon the device when needed, and drive it away (and park) after use.

Antipollution Mask
Dutch designer Marcel Wanders wants us to breathe easier. O2TODAY has begun distribution of Wanders’ air filtration face mask for urban dwellers. Ergonomic, sustainable and aesthetic in design, the mask filters-out 95% of PM 2.5 particles (air pollutants with a diameter of 2.5 micrometres or less).

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