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Certain terrains can prove difficult for some models of walkers, and this can limit possibilities for the people who use them. Which is why the idea of an all-terrain walker is exciting! The Afari is a new approach to walkers that offers the ability to handle different types of terrain. Whether that’s a walk on the beach, or running a marathon. The Afari has a three-wheel design, and active steering which helps reduce the resistance against the wheels as you move.


Set to launch in 2023, Ashirase is a smart phone app that makes navigation for people with vision loss easier and safer by intuitively enabling an understanding of the route. The shoe based navigation system is provided through vibration on the foot, so as not to interfere with the user’s hands which may be holding a white cane.

8 BitDo Lite 5E for Nintendo Switch Lite

Gaming is moving towards becoming more and more accessible, but some people still find they struggle with standard control layouts. The 8BitDo Lite 5E is an alternative to the controls on the switch. It allows every button to be within easy reach of the player as all of the controls are on the face of the controller. Along with the easier access, the controller is also non slip which allows it to be laid on a table which provides an alternative to holding the controller.

Loop+ Sensor Pad and App

Having the best medical treatment is important, and Loop+ is a new device and service that can help improve medical care. Loop+ is a sensor pad that allows you, and your medical team to track your movements and position throughout the day, and it can learn your routines and identify potential risks. This can help you take a connected approach with your health care team.

Glassouse Assistive Device

In some situations, a pointer is helpful for those who have restricted mobility, or want/need to use a pointer hands-free. This assistive device by GlassOuse is worn like a pair of glasses, and can connect to a variety of your mobile devices via Bluetooth. The device is able to track even the slightest head movements to move the cursor accordingly.

Hydrant 1 Litre Drinking Bottle 

This water bottle has many convenient features including a cap, handle, hanging bracket; and a drinking tube with a bite valve, with a small clip to attach the tube to clothing. It can hang from a bed, chair, or wheelchair making it helpful in a variety of situations and settings. This bottle is also dishwasher safe (except tube and valve). 

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