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A selection of fun and fabulous high-tech products you may want to know about...

Fun and Fabulous High-Tech Products

Eone Bradley
Not just your average watch, the Eone Bradley has two ball-bearings in the place of traditional watch hands, so that the user only needs to feel the watch to know what time it is. It’s simple, discrete and more stylish than many other options.

Lechal footwear
Yes, you can slip this new kind of GPS tracker into your shoe. Built for those with vision loss, the tracker relays turn-by-turn instructions by sending vibrations to the insole of the wearer’s shoe when it’s time to change direction. While many would see it as a bit of a lark, Lechal’s product has been designed to help people avoid getting lost. A confidence builder that truly supports independence, we’d say!

FlexCare toothbrush
Part of the Philips Sonicare line, here’s a smart electric toothbrush that sports a textured handle for easy gripping. It also comes with a high-tech twist, by pairing with a companion app that acts as an oral care tutor for those who need extra encouragement. The tutor divides the mouth into six sections, and its smart sensors tell you how fast and how long to brush in each area. It will even provide feedback on your brushing technique! The HX9192 model includes a charging station and a chamber that can store two extra brush heads.

Retractable umbrella
A team including two Johns Hopkins biomedical students was recognized in the mobility and transportation category at this year’s Abilities Hackathon for a retractable wheelchair umbrella design. Opened and closed with the flick of a switch, the umbrella features an inverted shape to limit any water dropping on the user. Using a motorized car-radio antenna as the automated solution, the team attached the umbrella to the antenna with custom laser-cut acrylic pieces, and fastened it to the wheelchair with simple zip ties and string.


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