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“By providing children with a standard doll alongside a doll that’s customized with adaptive or medical apparatus, ADI kids get the message that there are other children like them and model the ideal of typically-abled and differently-abled kids playing together."

Custom therapy dolls—adapted for any child

By Kylie McKenzie

A Jerusalem firm is having great success making dolls for children living with disabilities that actually mirror their real life situations. 

When Tami Gutman, a special education teacher at ADI Jerusalem, (ADI stands for ability, diversity, inclusion), a rehab care facility for some 220 children and young adults, realized there were not suitable toys at neighbourhood stores, she set about adapting a few soft dolls into playtime twins. 

Now, Gutman’s Toy’s Like Me project can personalize dolls by adding gastro lines, glasses, hearing aids, respiratory lines or even a tracheostomy cannula in their neck. As ADI’s Director of Education says, Gutman’s project is more than making dolls, it’s based on a philosophy to make every child feel like any other child no matter what his or her needs might be.

Photo: ADAPTIVE DOLLS at ADI Jerusalem 

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