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6 health benefits of laughter

Laughter is a form of stress relief, having a laugh “doesn’t just lighten your load mentally,” the Mayo Clinic explains, but “actually induces physical changes in your body.” In the moment, laughing can help:

1) Boost your immune system. Laughter and humour are serious stress relievers. Without this relief, stress can take a serious toll on your body’s ability to fight back against diseases.

2) Enhance your intake of oxygen-rich air. This can help stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles.

3) Release endorphins. It is a brain chemical associated with feelings of happiness and well-being.

4) Decrease your heart rate and blood pressure. This helps you feel more relaxed.

5) Relieve some of the physical symptoms of stress. This does include muscle tension.

6) Improve blood flow and circulation. Studies have shown that people watching comedies may experience easier blood flow than those who are taking in dramas; research has also indicated that laughing can help lower blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.


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