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HSBC Canada honoured with Diversity Award

Recognized by Forbes as one of Canada’s Best Employers for Diversity in 2022.

This award is given to Canadian companies most dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion. HSBC Canada is proud to be included in Forbes’ final list of 150 employers that not only received the most recommendations but also boast the most diverse boards and executive ranks and the most proactive diversity and inclusion initiatives.

At HSBC, we value difference and strive to have a workforce that truly reflects the communities we serve and the world we live in. To ensure we have diversity of thought and represent the communities we serve, it is imperative we attract, hire, and develop high-performing diverse talent. In Canada, we have nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that focus on diversity and inclusion. One of those groups is our Ability ERG which is dedicated to leveraging the diverse skills and abilities of employees with visible and non-visible disabilities as well as those who are caregivers of individuals with disabilities. The Ability ERG currently has 87 members who meet regularly throughout the year. This year, they have provided accessibility feedback on the design of new office spaces, facilitated neurodiversity events during Neurodiversity month in March, and led the initiative to install strobe lights at our head office so deaf and hard of hearing staff can be visually notified of building evacuations. These are just a few examples of the important work being done by the Ability ERG. 

At HSBC Canada, we have always brought different people and cultures together. Being the leading international bank in Canada, we leverage our global presence as an opportunity to spread awareness, educate, promote conversation, and build a connected workforce that helps us meet the needs of our clients and reflect the communities we serve. Our goal is to identify and develop leaders who are diverse and adaptable, who enable change and who foster a culture of performance, feedback and learning where everyone can thrive. 

Spotlight on Dean Campion Risk & Compliance Transformation | HSBC Bank Canada

My name is Dean Campion and I’ve worked across the HSBC enterprise within Canada and internationally for almost 20 years. A career of this length with a single company might result from perseverance, or from employing specialist knowledge, or from a connection to the purpose of the organisation. For me, every year of these two decades has been powered by the opportunity to learn. From call center projects to designing internet banking platforms, and commercial products to regulatory compliance, I have fashioned a successful career in Change Management with inspirational managers helping explore our vastly varied operation. 

Each of our businesses and functions has a unique personality. A bespoke style, a particular way of getting things done. With every assignment I absorb new skills and build a broad network of trusted and capable colleagues. Consciously assessing a situation and referring to my catalogue of experience and connections helps me calmly manage my debilitating anxiety and depression. 

When I’m having a problem in my personal life or I’m at a fork in my professional journey, I am certain that I can find support and wisdom from around the network. HSBC supports many Employee Resource Groups – I’m an ally for many and a member of the Ability ERG.

When I was presented with the chance to lead a team, I put everything I learned into identifying diverse talent, developing them, and supporting their career progression. Infact, during the pandemic ten people have been promoted out of my team into other areas of HSBC, including a Blind staff member moving into a senior role. But I’m not special or unique in taking pride in promoting the diverse individuals from my team. There are connected and informed people in every corner of HSBC just waiting for somebody to ask ‘do you have 10 minutes to help me?’

Here, every day is a school day; the opportunity to learn about our products, platforms, and the practicalities of managing a massive international organisation, the opportunity to learn about myself and to be an effective part of a network of approachable and career-minded leaders that provide individualised plans and actively encourage participation in our Employee Resource Groups. This openness at HSBC is a culture we all contribute to with energy and unique human experiences. 

By Kim Toews, Head of Human Resources, HSBC Bank Canada

Learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion at HSBC in our Employment Equity report here:

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