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No university should cut its students off from mental health supports. The University of Toronto has enacted a new policy that removes students from experiencing severe mental health issues due to the posing risk of serious harm to themselves or others. The policy put in place June 27th is called the “university- Mandated Leave of Absence Policy. With 1 in 5 young Canadians affected by mental illness and less than 25% of those seeking help this policy has many both on campus and outside worried that those wanting to get help may think twice now. For those that do come forward and are required to take leave, meaning they are forced off-campus and to miss lectures, exams, events and more importantly from their daily lives and support structures. Many students see this policy less as protection of the students and more so to put the onus of responsibility of care and support of mentally ill students off the University of Toronto without a clear direction of where else they would go.


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Starbucks to rid stores of straws. As of 2020 straws at Starbucks will be a thing of the past, replaced with plastic lids in a bid to reduce the company’s environmental impact. Helping the environment is always a great thing but shouldn’t there be any consideration for accessibility needs?

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CN Tower completes accessibility certification reno. For the first time in its 42-year history, the CN Tower has been completely renovated in order to qualify for accessibility certification, which will be verified through the Rick Hansen Foundation. The new design includes universal access, with railing and flooring redone so that there are no railings interrupted views or bumps that can be difficult to get over. Now all of us can finally get on the tower’s terrifying but completely safe and accessible glass floor and see all 553 meters down!

Source: Toronto Star

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