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Travel light

With its 24-inch foldable wheels, Revolve Air aims to give new independence to persons who use a wheelchair to commute and travel everyday. This means no more need to check-in your chair the airport hours before the flight, thus avoiding the risk of damage. No need to store the wheelchair in a large car trunk giving owners the freedom to drive small cars or take any taxis available. Revolve Air is designed to easily fold and fit the standards of a universal cabin luggage size restriction, which is remarkably convenient.


Lab on a chip

Bisu is a home health lab that delivers personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice using microfluidic “lab-on-a-chip” technology. Easy-to-use and highly accurate, the lab uses urine and saliva tests to measure a wide array of nutrient levels, electrolytes, hydration levels, dietary acid load (through pH levels) and ketones. Analyzed by a mobile app, Bisu can provide weekly guidance to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


More than a ramp

While based on a noble ideal, ramps, accessible washrooms and elevators are often relegated to forgotten corners and hallways. This ramp is a stage, a podium, a playground, a quiet spot to chat, a bleacher at a show. Using the Ontario Building Code as a source of design inspiration instead of a set of rules and limitations, it invites us to think of ramps as places to be for all.



This stylish electric shower is designed to help people with vision loss and limited dexterity. Seamlessly retrofitted, without any re-tiling required, it has a large centrally located lever with a prominent on-off switch for easy use. The shower has a matte anti-glare finish, audible temperature control clicks, large red and blue temperature symbols and a large backlit power button. It also has a matte anti-glare finish to reduce glare for those with dementia.


Rock ‘em, sock ‘em

You know that after long periods of sitting or flying, a blood clot forms in one or more of the deep veins in your body. The clot can break loose and travel through your bloodstream into the lungs and cause a life threatening pulmonary embolism. So, you wear compression socks but they’re tight and uncomfortable. Enter Bombas, built from the toe up, these fashionable no-show socks promise to never, ever slip down. Made with super soft cotton with mild or firm compression levels (that’s 15–20 mmHg or 20–30 mmHg of medical-grade compression, if you want to get technical), they’re simply the bee’s knees.

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