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This new portable myCharge Jolt delivers a quick boost of power to revive your Smartphone when you don’t have access to your car or a main socket. Jolt features two built-in micro-USB cables and a convenient carabiner clip that allows you to attach it to your belt loop, keys or backpack. $60. Find more models at



One of the main problems of any wheel- chair is that, it can only be front-mounted. The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device can be pulled easily by the user with the ability to board the device securely from its back. From the moment they wake up, users can board the device and stand up without needing assistance from others. This comfort encourages the users to do various daily activities while standing up. Tek Robotic Mobilization Device holds the user in an upright position while leaving their hands-free, making it possible for them to reach places and perform daily tasks such as cooking, washing dishes, ironing, etc. Rumored to come with a serious price tag of $15, 000 US! At

Talking Calculator

This talking calculator allows you to clearly hear calculations, functions and digits as you enter them. The display offers a large LCD screen measuring 5 1/2 x 1 1/8 inches. The volume is adjustable or can be turned off. There is also an earphone jack to allow you to use earphones for privacy. This calculator can also display the date, announce the time and can be set as your alarm. $26.95. At


Say goodbye to paper with the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet. The paperless, electronic alternative to memo pads, sketchbooks, sticky notes, and dry erase boards allows you to write memos, leave messages, create ‘To Do’ lists, draw pictures and make quick calculations. Boogie Board is ultra thin, making it easy to carry for your on- the go needs. Write or draw with the stainless steel stylus or any other suitable instrument – even your finger! You’ll never need to search for a pen and a pad again. $40 at


iComm helps bridge the gap of communication for pre-speech toddlers and children with disabilities. The app is available for iPhones in both a free sample version and a full version. It allows the child to select from a few options, based on categories, with each choice providing more detailed choices. Options are supported with a yes/no screen. Content is pre-loaded with everyday choices such as yes/no/more/finished, and personalized content can be added such as photos and voice recordings. $6.99.

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