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New 4 You: Fun and Fabulous High-Tech Products

Fun and Fabulous High-Tech Products. Read More

Step-Hear. This convenient and affordable way-finding product for people who are blind and visually impaired, uses an audio-messaging, orientation and information system—walking within range of the base unit triggers the activator (which you carry) to vibrate or beep. Pressing the activator button will play a pre-recorded audio message to guide you to your destination. The device can be integrated with ATMs, traffic-light systems, public transit and more. $149. At


Zytex2 Swell Paper. This special paper is embedded with nano-tubules to make raised tactile diagrams that are read on contact. Copies can be made using a regular printer, photo-copier or Zymarker pen, which can create images, Braille or text on the paper. The paper becomes tactile when heated using a Zyfuse heating machine. Swell Paper stays flat and doesn’t curl. In addition, it is safe, easy to use and cost-effective. $140 (for one package). At


Google Glass. Google has introduced the first headset with the ability to receive voice commands, record video, get directions and browse the web. With multiple frames, colours, shades and earbugs, Google Glass is designed to fit your style. This hands-free device brings the functions of a smartphone to eye level, giving increased independence; you won’t have to worry about doing anything by hand. $2999. At



TeleStik Grabber. The TeleStik AD3000 is considered the Rolls Royce of grabbers. It features a telescoping arm, which extends from 7.25 to 34 inches, and comes with a washable adhesive disk that weighs up to a pound. Handy around the house, at the grocery store or even in the car. The TeleStik is inexpensive and easy to use. $17.99. At


Braille EDGE 40

Manage daily note-taking, book- and document-reading, reminders and dates with this reliable device. Braille EDGE 40 also features an alarm for appointments, built-in calculator, countdown timer and stopwatch. It can be used in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. $2995. At



HeadMouse replaces the standard hand-operated computer mouse. Instead, it uses a wireless optical sensor that tracks a target worn on the forehead. Perform tasks such as drawing, gaming, graphics work and computer-aided design. No special software is needed—simply connect the device through a USB port and mount it onto a computer screen. $1105. At



RUBY Magnifier.

This handheld video magni-fier is great for people who have trouble reading small text. Use it for almost anything, including bills, letters, cheques and receipts. The RUBY easily fits in a pocket, making it perfect for outings and travel. Simply turn it on with one button, put it over the object you wish to read, adjust the magnification with the easy zoom button and read away. $545. At



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