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Double your learning speed

The way you practice is equally, if not more important than the amount of time you spend. Check out these recommendations from scientists:

1 Firstly: Take a six-hour gap between training sessions—the time needed for your brain to modify old memories and give new ones a chance to reconsolidate.
2 Secondly: Read materials out loud—faster or slower than normal.
3 Thirdly: Break things into a series of discreet steps and then put things back together.
4 Fourthly: Switch up your practice environment.

Source: John Hopkins

Sexually active men and COVID

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Traces of the virus were found in semen samples in four of 15 patients with COVID-19 and two out of 23 recovering patients. Investigators are still studying if it is possible to spread COVID-19 through intercourse. Until we know how long the virus stays in semen, experts suggest using a condom.

Source: JAMA Network Open

Can Google searches predict a pandemic?

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Google Flu Trends used 45 search terms to predict flu outbreaks in 2008 with a Harvard team’s algorithm combining Twitter posts, Google searches, and location data to predict flareups 14+ days in advance. Last December an uptick in searches for “SARS,” “shortness of breath,” and “diarrhea” was tracked in China. And, at University College London researchers watched jumps in searches of symptomatic phrases like “I can’t smell” and “lost my sense of smell.” “I can’t smell” searches also correlated strongly with the peaks in Spain, Brazil, Italy, and the UK. Early evidence seems promising!


11 minutes Reduction of life span
expectancy for smokers with each cigarette.
Source: U of Queensland

Empty seat?

map with multiple streets and coordinates

“First Bus” lets wheelchair users track accessible seats on Aberdeen’s public transport. Hey Canada, lets follow suit!

Rising above shame

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Juripop, a Quebec-based non-profit legal aid organization, is promoting its services for individuals who have experienced, or witnessed, sexual violence with a campaign that denounces the judgement they might hear from other parts of society. Multi-media spots lay to rest common stereotypes and offer victims the help they need to take back control.


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