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Unique Employment Opportunities (UEO) in Victoria is committed to connecting people with disabilities with employers. The non-profit program is funded by the B.C. Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security and sponsored by the Spectrum Community School Association.

UEO was founded in 1992 as a job-readiness program for people with significant physical disabilities, but has since expanded its mandate to include emotional, psychological and sensory disabilities. UEO has served over 400 clients with an excellent annual success rate.

Rachel, for example, found that with the help of the program, her cerebral palsy was no barrier to finding work as a writer. UEO assisted her in achieving a six-month position by supplementing half her salary while she gained valuable work experience.

In her new job, Rachel writes publicity materials. Her integration into the workplace required minimal adjustment to the office environment. Only the size of her work station was slightly widened to accommodate her wheelchair.

“Most employers recognize the importance of making adjustments to help their workers function effectively,” says Rachel.

Diana, Rachel’s manager, comments: “Working with Rachel provides new dimensions and understanding to our written communications. Effective writing relies on the broad range of people’s experiences to reflect the population. Rachel is a valued member of our team.” Rachel’s six-month work term has carried on for nearly two years now.

“Getting established in the work force with a disability can be a challenge,” Rachel admits. “I am very grateful to the staff of Unique Employment Opportunities. The personal counselling, job-preparation skills and support I received no doubt pushed open doors that would have otherwise been closed.”

For more information, call Unique Employment Opportunities at (250) 382-3334.


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