How to Manage Your Income Better

Managing your income is, unfortunately, a valuable skill that’s not taught. If you want to have a good grasp of your expenses and to be able to follow through on your personal and professional goals, then you need to know how to manage your funds better. In case you’ve tried budgeting, but it didn’t work for you, or you have no clue how to set up a financial plan that works for your needs, in this article, we will provide you with some practical tips that will help you move my next your finances effectively.

Set Goals

When we talk about our financial goals, we don’t just mean increasing your income or starting a savings account. Yes, they are important to have on your financial plan, but it’s also important to have some intentions with your monthly or weekly income.

We are not machines, and we all want to enjoy life as much as possible. So, if you want to engage in some leisure activities, you can set out a portion of your income for that purpose. The same applies to saving more money or investing.

Intentional Spending

Intentional spending is very important because it helps to get a better overview of your expenses, and also, when you know where your money goes, you know whether you are making the right financial decisions. If you already track your expenses and you have certain goals in mind, then it would be easy to enjoy, for example, a gambling session online.

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When you have clear financial goals, it’s easier to know how you will spend your income.
For example, you might want to invest in better household items, or you want to splurge and go on an exotic vacation. All of these goals should be included in your budget or at least they should be added to your planner. As a result, you will have a good idea of how you’re managing your income.

Track Your Expenses

If you struggle with budgeting, then tracking your expenses is a baby step in the right direction. Even if you have the best budget, if you don’t track your expenses on a day-to-day or weekly basis, it would be impossible to know if you’re overspending or if you are on track according to your financial plan.

For this reason, it’s actually very beneficial if you take the time and just put down the items or services which you have purchased on a Google spreadsheet or even in a bullet journal.

In the long run, this will become a great way of staying on top of everything that’s going on, and it will be a beneficial tactic if you want to improve anything in your financial plan; we can’t change anything that we can’t measure which is why tracking your expenses should be a priority.


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