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A student recently heard about “this new career centre that specializes in helping young people with disabilities with career counselling.” She decided to check things out, and, after participating in this program, the student gave DiscoverAbility a resounding “two thumbs up!”

DiscoverAbility describes itself as a service providing “career education and assessment for Ontario young people with physical disabilities.”

DiscoverAbility is a project sponsored by the Counselling Foundation of Canada, the North York Board of Education and the Hugh MacMillan Rehabilitation Centre. Its focus is identifying and developing attitudes, knowledge and skills for education, work and leisure through individual career counselling and assessment, career information resources, readiness programs, consultation, liaison with employers, agencies, government and labour, and many other services.

DiscoverAbility also produces a newsletter, “News & Views,” which provides planning tips that are useful to anybody, regardless of ability, as well as other useful information.

Seminars and workshops are held regularly, covering such topics as “University Student for a Day,” Career Awareness Day for Students with Physical Disabilities, and DiscoverAbility Career Awareness Day.

Businesses are becoming more accommodating of people with disabilities, and DiscoverAbility has had success in placing clients for fixed lengths of time in companies. The participants receive no pay but they gain training, support and insight into how to proceed in the job market. DiscoverAbility prepares the firm for the student’s arrival, discussing accessiblity and other relevant issues.

Students who participate in this program must be residents of Ontario with a physical disability; 16 to 21 years of age, or clients of government and community agencies to age 29; in stable physical and emotional health; and self-motivated to participate.

For more information, please contact:

TEL: (416) 395-4896 (Voice and TTY)
FAX: (416) 395-3710


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