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Toronto is bidding to host the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The final decision will be made in July, 2001, when Toronto, Beijing, Istanbul, Osaka or Paris will be selected as the winning city.

The Paralympic Games is the premier sporting event in the world for athletes with disabilities. The Toronto Bid Paralympic Planning Committee has worked hard to develop a Parlaympic Game Plan — a working document that sets out the proposed venues and sites of the Toronto 2008 Paralympic Games. The purpose of the Paralympic Game Plan is to put forward a sport technical and logistics plan that will enable us to host the best Paralympic Games ever, thereby promoting Paralympism worldwide.

In addition, the Paralympic Game Plan specifically positions the Bid as a catalyst for urban renewal, particularly in the area of barrier-free accessible buildings and services. The Bid has been proactive in ensuring that barrier-free concepts are incorporated into the design of its venues, facilities and services.

Beyond its mandate for an accessible Olympic and Parlaympic Games lies the vision of creating the most accessible, barrier-free city in the world. The Plan will form a basis for discussion with senior governments as the Bid furthers its federal, provincial and city agreement and support.

The Paralympic Games and the Toronto Bid for these Games will create immediate and tangible opportunities to leave substantial legacies for youth, sport and culture. In particular, this Bid will revitalize sport, recreation, and physical activity through a strong commitment to “Sport for All.” As well, the Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid will allow Toronto to showcase its unequalled strength in cultural diversity to the world.

For more information, call (416) 603-2008, or e-mail: jmartin@to-2008.com.


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