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Alberta is in a time of rapid change, and organizations of various types are partnering in this period of re-engineering and refocus. This is a time when they must align to address the political, economic and social issues of the twenty-first century. Shifts in the province’s landscape, including the transition from centralized to regional governance of many health and social services, as well as increasing competition for scarce financial resources, are just some of the drivers of this need.

The Alberta Disabilities Forum is a current initiative underway in Alberta that promises to have a great deal of positive impact for all Albertans with disabilities. This initiative sees the development of a formal working agreement among non-profit organizations of and for persons with disabilities.

A number of organizations initially met in July, 1997, to create a joint submission to the Alberta Growth Summit, held in September, 1997. The submission described issues that, from the point of view of these organizations, must be discussed by the Growth Summit. Shared values and beliefs brought them together, and the identified need for a united voice on common issues led to the commitment to create an organizational vehicle for working together more closely.

Subsequent meetings were held to work on terms of reference — clearly defined purpose, goals, values, principles and operating procedures — to which each participating organization could commit. These terms, outlined below, were finalized January 15, 1998.

The organizations involved in the finalization of the terms are listed below. Membership is expected to increase in future.

This new spirit of cooperation between community organizations represents a significant shift in how business is done in this province. It makes so much sense for organizations across the province to work together on common issues, while maintaining autonomy and uniqueness. This unified approach has enormous potential to identify and solve problems experienced by Albertans with disabilities. Consider, as just one example, the sheer number of consumers that these organizations collectively could contact and mobilize.

For more information about the Forum, contact the host agency


Purpose has been identified as: “to share information and ideas with the objective of speaking with a unified voice on issues of interest to Albertans with disabilities.”

– To identify issues common to all members;
– To facilitate communication, cooperation and coordination among members;
– To disseminate information across the province;
– To identify gaps, needs and solutions regarding the design, delivery and funding of services and support;
– To educate the public about disability issues; and
– To influence legislators, authorities and policy makers.

Values and principles have been identified.

Membership will be open to any voluntary non-profit group or organization that defines its interests as being consistent with the purpose, goals, values and principles. A small annual membership fee will be due.

Meetings will take place a minimum of three times a year. At least one of these will be in person. Options such as video- or teleconferencing may be used for the other two meetings.

Decisions will be made on the basis of consensus. Working groups will be struck as needed. When position papers are prepared, members will “sign on” to indicate their agreement with the final papers.

A steering committee has been elected to guide the group.


This submission was provided by the Alberta Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities, which would like to take this opportunity to commend the Alberta Disabilities Forum member organizations for their vision and commitment to working together to identify and address ways of resolving common issues, while still maintaining their autonomy. The Council believes we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of understanding the potential of this group to identify and meet the needs of people with disabilities in Alberta.

The Premier’s Council was established in 1988 to advise the provincial government on policy affecting the lives of Albertans with disabilities. Our mission is to “enhance and promote the opportunity for full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in the life of the province.”

Technically a part of the provincial government, we try to maintain balance in representing the interests of Albertans with disabilities and supporting government efforts to meet community needs. Our day-to-day business focuses on two main areas: policy review and public education. Over the years, we have created action plans, reviewed the implementation of recommendations in the action plans, participated on many government committees, done public presentations and worked increasingly with community organizations.

For more information about the Council, please contact us at:
#250, 11044 – 82nd Ave.
Edmonton, AB T6G 0T2
Tel.: (403) 422-1095 (voice/TTY)
Toll-free in Alberta: 1-800-272-8841 (voice/TTY)
Fax: (403) 422-9691.


Aboriginal Disabilities Society of Alberta
485 South Ave.
Box 3955
Spruce Grove, Alberta T7X 3B2
Tel.: (403) 962-6184
Fax: (403) 962-8668

Accessible Housing Society
2003 -14th St. N.W., Ste. 103
Calgary, Alberta T2M 3N4
Tel.: (403) 282-1872
Fax: (403) 284-0304

Alberta Association for Community Living
Provincial Office
11724 Kingsway Ave. N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta T5G 0X5
Tel.: (403) 451-3055
Toll-free: 1-800-252-7556
Fax: (403) 453-5779

Alberta Association for the Dependent Handicapped
11239 – 63rd St.
Edmonton, Alberta T5W 4E5
Tel.: (403) 481-8294

Alberta Association of Rehabilitation Centres
Box 105
2725 -12th St. N.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7J2
Tel.: (403) 250-9495
Fax: (403) 291-9864

Alberta Association of the Deaf
6240 – 113rd St.
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 3L2
Tel.: (403) 422-0244
Fax: (403) 430-9489

Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities (HOST AGENCY)
707 Princeton Pl.
10339 – 124th St.
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 3W1
Tel.: (403) 488-9088
Fax: (403) 488-3757

Alberta Council on Aging
10130 – 103rd St., Ste. 1740
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3N9
Tel.: (403) 423-7781
Fax: (403) 425-9246

Brain Injury Association of Alberta
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
Edmonton, Alberta T5G 0B7
Tel.: (403) 471-2262
Fax: (403) 471-7923

Canadian Council of the Blind
Provincial Executive
7604 – 29th Ave., Ste. 88
Edmonton, Alberta T6K 3Z2
Tel.: (403) 462-8879

Canadian Diabetes Association
Alberta Monitoring for Health Program
Royal Bank Bldg., Ste. 1020
10117 Jasper Ave. N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1W8
Tel.: (403) 423-2634
Fax: (403) 423-3322

Canadian Mental Health Association
328 Capital Pl.
9707 – 110th St.
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2L9
Tel.: (403) 482-6576
Fax: (403) 482-6348

Canadian Paraplegic Association
305 Hys Ctr., Box 16
11010 – 101st St.
Edmonton Alberta T5H 4B9
Tel.: (403) 424-6312
Fax: (403) 424-6313

Catholic Social Services
Rehabilitation Service
8815 – 99th St.
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 3V3
Tel.: (403) 432-1137
Fax: (403) 439-3154

Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta
8180 McLeod Tr. S., Ste. 10
Calgary, Alberta T2H 2B8
Tel.: (403) 253-5955
Fax: (403) 543-1168

Connect Society
W. Entrance, St. Andrew School
11342 -127th St.
Edmonton, Alberta T5M 0T8
Tel.: (403) 454-9581
Fax: (403) 447-5820

Easter Seal Ability Council
400 Pacific Plaza
10909 Jasper Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3L9
Tel.: (403) 429-0137
Fax: (403) 429-1937

10909 Jasper Ave., Ste. 402
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3L9
Tel.: (403) 423-4106
Fax: (403) 426-0029

Handicapped Housing Society of Alberta
12310 – 105th Ave., Ste. 101
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 0Y4
Tel.: (403) 451-1114
Fax: (403) 451-2267

Home Care and Support Association
P.O. Box 1677, Main P.O.
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2N9
Tel.: (403) 482-6561
Fax: (403) 488-3561

Independent Living Resource Centre of Calgary
7 – 11th St. N.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2E 4Z2
Tel.: (403) 263-6880
Fax: (403) 263-6811

Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta
11343 – 61st Ave., Ste. 145
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 1M3
Tel.: (403) 448-0360
Fax: (403) 438-0665

Metis Advocacy and Disability Society of Alberta
11207 – 134A Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta T5E 1M4
Tel.: (403) 456-6844

National Access Awareness Week
Suite 1006, Baker Centre
10025 – 106th St.
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1G4
Tel./fax: (403) 420-0898

Rick Hansen Centre
W1-67 Van Vliet Complex
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H9
Tel.: (403) 492-9236
Fax: (403) 492-7161

Schizhophrenia Society of Alberta
Edmonton Chapter
11456 Jasper Ave., Ste. 401
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0M1
Tel.: (403) 452-4661
Fax: (403) 482-3027


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