5 Ways to Thank a Caregiver


As Helmut and Norbert join Amy in Calgary, the team suggests these five ways to say thank you to a caregiver this weekend:

  1. Let them know how much you appreciate all that they’re doing with a simple, “Thank you.”
  2. Find ways to give them a break by taking the person they care for a walk, a visit in the garden or to the shops, or just spend some time together.
  3. Cook for them. Choose something healthy that is easy to serve and keep and can be enjoyed by both the caregiver and, if possible, their loved one.
  4. Offer to shop for basics like medicine, groceries and personal care items.
  5. Send some pretty flowers, a card or an uplifting note to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Follow the Canada Cares Tour at www.canadacares.org and text to donate to show your support.



Know a worthy caregiver who deserves our $10,000 One Wish Award?

Visit canadacares.org for contest entry information. Deadline for nominations is Sept 15, 2014.




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