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The Internet is quickly changing the way we communicate with others and the way we seek information. Its impact on our society probably outweighs that of the Industrial Revolution. However, have you ever tried to use a search engine on the ’Net, typed in key words, and obtained the following result: “1,378 sites containing the words…”? So, what do you do next?

The Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) national website at will take you directly to the information you need to help you make the important decisions in your life.

HRDC programs and services are designed to enable Canadians to participate fully in the social and economic life of their community. The HRDC national website is the gateway to what you need to know about Employment Insurance, Canada Student Loans, job opportunities, employment equity, pensions and much more. This is a no-frames site, to facilitate navigation by low-end browsers or adaptive software. You can link to a variety of HRDC-specific national, regional and local sites.

Employers and job seekers will find the information they require. Here are some highlights you can visit through the HRDC national site:

A how-to guide designed for anyone looking for work.

Electronic Labour Exchange
A system based on specific skill sets, used to match work to people and people to work.

Job Bank
Job openings across Canada.

Labour Market Information Services
Local job market information all across Canada.

Human Resource Office for Employers
A virtual human resource office for the business owner.

Job Futures
Canada’s job market — today and into the future.

Youth Resource Network of Canada
Easing the transition from school to work.

Work Destinations
Valuable information for the worker on the move.

Human Resources Development Canada is constantly improving and adding new information products that can be accessed readily across the country through the community access program, public library, HRDC local offices, and community partners, or by using your own computer.

Visit this site and provide feedback via the “Contact Us” feature. You can help HRDC serve you better. Stay tuned to upcoming issues of ABILITIES magazine for news about the HRDC information products.


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