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The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work is proud to present our new and improved website. Come and visit us on the web at www.ccrw.org and explore our many features. We also invite your feedback and content.

One feature that CCRW struggled with over the years was the WAEN (Wide Area Employment Network). This resume bank was first
developed in CD-ROM format as a resume writer/resume search tool. At the time, it was state of the art! CCRW hired a team of people
to market the product in the regions to employers, job seekers with disabilities and community agencies. The program met with mixed reviews, particularly because most people did not yet have the computers necessary to access it. There was also concern that it was not as user-friendly as it needed to be. Employers complained that there were not enough resumes on the system, and job seekers complained that there were not enough employers.

After experiencing the growing pains with technology, CCRW rose to the challenge of adapting the WAEN for the Internet. The challenge was far more difficult than anyone expected and soon became an exercise in frustration. Just when the project was about to be abandoned, along came Smart Toronto, HRDC Toronto, Industry Canada and Corelan.

With its partners, CCRW rolled up its sleeves and on January 14, 2000, the new WAEN went live. While the acronym was retained, the
name was revised to reflect the changes to the program. The Web Access Employment Network is a new and improved resume bank and
job search tool available to employers and job seekers with disabilities. In the near future, the WAEN will also be a resource for people to access a range of resume banks through a system of links.

While the WAEN continues to evolve, it is open for business and each day a few more employers post jobs and job seekers enter their resumes. While there are still a few features to be added and adjustments to be made, CCRW welcomes you to the new WAEN and encourages you to explore its potential with us.


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