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Surfing the net?

The Roeher Institute invites you to have a look at our newly designed website at Our new look in cyberspace includes a listing and description of Roeher Institute publications.

Our work — including research, social development and information services — approaches social change and disability issues within the context of human rights. Our array of publications — books, reports, literature reviews, and our magazine “entourage” — reflects this perspective and links what is happening nationally and internationally in the disability rights and other social justice movements.

If you are working in the disability field and are looking for information about disability and human rights, visit our website. You can easily browse our publication catalogue by subject, select books for your “virtual shopping cart,” print out your order and send it off. Furthermore, if we do not have what you are looking for, we may be able to locate the information you need, through our Information Services.

Not (surfing the net, that is…)?

Not everyone is on the Internet, or knows what it is all about. Many are afraid to ask.

Our latest publication, “The Straightforward Guide to the Internet,” is for people who are wondering what the Internet is, why they would want to get on the Internet, and how they can go about getting “connected.”

Written in plain language with many graphics and examples, this introduction to the Internet will help you get started. It also includes information about disability-related sites on the Internet.

The “Straightforward Guide” gently answers basic questions for newcomers to the technology. If you are not sure what a modem is, this may be for you.

For more information, contact:

TEL: (416) 661-9611
TOLL-FREE: (800) 856-2207
FAX: (416) 661-5701
TTY: (416) 661-2023


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