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Coming soon to the EnableLink site is the “EnableLinker” electronic newsletter. The “EnableLinker” will bring you relevant, newsworthy information through your personal e-mail account. Simply sign up online, and you will start receiving short articles, links and other interesting or fun stuff intended to provide information, inspiration and opportunity! Check out the EnableLink homepage for your link to this service. EnableLink is working hard to keep you informed!


Join us for the celebration of the 50th issue of ABILITIES magazine by participating in a treasure hunt on EnableLink. Follow clues throughout the site, collecting hidden letters. When you find the final letter, unscramble the letters and discover the secret message! Then, simply follow the instructions to e-mail your answer to Players with correct responses will be entered into a draw for great prizes. We are busily preparing for the festivities and will send out the first clue when the next edition of ABILITIES (Issue 50) is released. You can also find the first clue and the treasure hunt instructions in the “Enablelinker” newsletter — so get yourself signed up using the link on the EnableLink homepage! Good luck to all those who dare to attempt to crack the code!


The Young Workers Chat for injured workers, announced in the last issue of ABILITIES, has been rescheduled for December 3 at 2:00 p.m. EST. We are interested in hearing from those with experience in this area. Space is limited for the chat, so please sign up early by e-mailing your name and stating your interest to Looking forward to chatting with you!

The message boards on EnableLink are really humming! There are people with questions, seeking answers and opinions. There are injured workers looking for advice. A gentleman is looking for someone to put his poetry to music. There is a TV producer looking for a young man interested in discussing his dating experiences. This is just to name a few information requests! Help others out by stopping by and giving your two cents’ worth. Perhaps you want to try and find some help yourself. Representatives of disability organizations may want to check out the scene to offer professional services. Get in there and find out what’s going on!


The Community Information Access Project (CIAP) is just getting better and better! As this valuable resource grows, so does its usefulness. There are now 35 communities involved in the project, with over 310 listings! The project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship’s Volunteer Action Online program.

We are asking people to send the name, address and contact information of their favourite accessible place to — be it a hotel, restaurant, attraction, whatever!. We will do the follow-up with our community volunteers. This information will make its way into the CIAP database. Our goal is to have the best database of accessible places and services in Ontario! Get involved and make this project grow!

If you have more time to offer to the CIAP project, we are looking for energetic people to complete assessments in their community. We are also looking for people with computer skills and Internet experience. Contact Christine Staddon at


EnableLink, c/o Canadian Abilities Foundation
489 College Street, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario M6G 1A5
Tel.: (416) 923-9980
Fax: (416) 923-9829

(We are greateful to the Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada for their support.)


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