Together We Conquer the Dark


The path to a more independent and safer lifestyle for those individuals with cognitive disabilities has begun.

Over three years ago, Pathways To Independence, a non-profit agency that supports individuals with developmental disabilities or acquired brain injuries, began to design a unique product for use in its homes.

The product, Lited Pathway(tm), is a directional guidance and safety lighting system that was designed to help the individuals within Pathways To Independence’s homes gain a sense of independence and security while moving about at night.

After two years of extensively testing the system in their own homes, Pathways To Independence, through Pathways Ventures, is now bringing this great new product to market. Pathways will be promoting it to agencies that are involved in supporting individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities living within a residential setting.

How it works: A motion sensor in the bedroom picks up the movement of a person in the room and switches on the Lited Pathway(tm). This allows the person to follow the Lited Pathway(tm) through the doorway, down the hall to the bathroom and back. The Lited Pathway(tm) also allows staff to provide less intrusive assistance to the individuals they support, as the lighting system allows them to monitor activity in the rooms without disturbing the individuals. Bathrooms are equipped with an 8? x 8? light panel, which will be on when the system is activated. This panel provides enough light in the bathroom to eliminate the need to switch on regular lights, which, when turned off again, cause temporary vision problems until the eyes readjust to low light levels.

Staff are alerted to a potential need for assistance by an LED panel located in a convenient central spot or by seeing the light strip become activated over the individual’s bedroom doorway in the hall. Once the individual has gone back to bed, the system shuts itself off after a four-minute delay.

Pathways Ventures believes that this system can be a major part of any fall prevention program, as it helps reduce falls and injuries to the individuals being supported as well as the caregivers.

An additional safety feature of the Lited Pathway(tm) is the two-hour emergency backup battery which, in the event of a power outage, will turn the entire system on and can assist in the evacuation of the building, if required, by providing low-level lighting in the halls.

The Lited Pathway(tm) is very cost effective. On average, based on the cost of hydro today, a system for a four-bedroom home will use less than $25 in electricity per year!

Lited Pathway(tm) was also designed so that the system would be aesthetically pleasing within a residential setting. With the soft blue-green colour of the lamp and the low-profile protective moulding, the lighting strip accomplishes just that.

The system is very easy to install, and is able to withstand direct impact, vibrations and major fluctuations in temperature.

Lited Pathway(tm) is being offered at special pricing to all non-profit agencies that book an order for the system before the fiscal year-end of March 31, 2003.

Over the next few months, Jim Harvey, National Sales Manager for Pathways Ventures, will be travelling the roads, introducing Lited Pathway(tm) to organizations that provide support within residential homes to individuals with cognitive disabilities.

To arrange a free presentation for your organization or to get additional information on the Lited Pathway(tm), please contact Pathways Ventures at 1-866-962-2541, or visit our website at


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