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People with disabilities in Toronto, Ontario, have new reason for optimism as they deal with chronic abuse of designated disabled parking spaces.

The Toronto Police Service has launched a new Disabled Liaison Unit, which operates as part of its Parking Enforcement Unit. The unit was developed in response to both the existing needs of people with disabilities, and the anticipated needs of an aging populace.

The purpose of the Disabled Liaison Unit is to engage members of the community with disabilities to work in partnership with the Toronto Police Service, in identifying and developing policing services that are sensitive to the needs of the disability community.

The unit investigates improper use of disabled permits, fraudulent permits, and parking without permits. It also identifies parking issues and contributes to solutions wherever possible. The unit is also providing sensitivity training to police service members, and raising awareness in the general public.

In Toronto, suspected fraudulent use of disabled parking permits or chronic abuse of designated disabled parking spaces may be reported to the Disabled Liaison Unit at (416) 808-6601. To arrange for training or Disabled Unit Liaison participation in a community event or initiative, call Sergeant Brian Keown at (416) 808-6643.


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