Wilderness Excursions in British Columbia


The British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS) was formed in 1985 to make it possible for people with disabilities to access the province’s great outdoors. One of its initiatives is its Wilderness Access program, which enables adapted, low-impact access into the back country of British Columbia. The program office is situated in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, amid lush greenery.

Throughout the spring and summer season, Wilderness Access offers day hikes geared toward different abilities, interests and goals. Some people might want to climb a steep mountain, for instance, while someone else might be more interested in birdwatching.

Access Challenge is a program that brings together people with and without disabilities to participate in a multi-day, summer wilderness excursion of exciting, environmentally safe, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and mountaineering.

In order to achieve this, BCMOS developed the TrailRider vehicle, which allows a person with a disability to access remote areas with the assistance of two able-bodied teammates. The annual Access Challenge expeditions involve teams composed of one person with a physical disability and four able-bodied teammates. The “challenge” part of Access Challenge is in overcoming physical obstacles through teamwork and strategy. Participants with disabilities find themselves doing things that they had previously thought impossible.

For more information, contact the British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society at (604) 688-6464, or visit www.reachdisability.org/bcmos.


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