Mobility Cup ’99


For-sail is a new slogan for Ivan Rendulic. Since he started volunteering as the project co-ordinator for the newly launched Queen’s Quay Disabled Sailing Program, in Toronto, ON, Rendulic has shown many first-time sailors with disabilities that it’s all about abilities. “Sailing is one of the few sports that levels the playing field for thousands of children and adults with disabilities,” says Rendulic.

The Disabled Sailing Programs are the brainchild of Sam Sullivan who opened the first one in Vancouver, B.C. In 1991. He also founded a sailing regatta, The Mobility Cup. This year, the 9th Annual Mobility Cup is being held in Toronto, from September 12-17, with 60 sailors from around the globe. It is a world-class event that further demonstrates Canada’s leadership in the sailing arena.

Sailors in Mobility Cup ’99 have the opportunity to compete in a Martin 16, a Canadian-designed boat, specifically geared for sailors with limited mobility. From a forward facing sitting position, the sailor has complete control of the boat. The development of “sip and puff” technology by Canadian Steve Alvey, allows even sailors who have no mobility below the neck, to sail their Martin 16 sloop, steering and trimming the sails using only their breath.

For more information on a Mobility Cup ’99 or a Disabled Sailing Association program near you, visit the website at www.mobilitycup. org or call the National Yacht Club in Toronto at (416) 260-8686 ext. 26 and “Get on Board!”


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