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THUMBS UP… to the Canadian Paralympic Committee for their dedication to building a more inclusive sporting landscape nationwide. With 18 2023-24 Paralympic Sport Development Fund grants being distributed to deserving organizations, Para sport programs in Canada are set to flourish. These grants will be pivotal in expanding sport pathways and opportunities for Para athletes and will enable the purchasing adaptive equipment, boost coaching expertise, and help grow Para sport competition and training opportunities.

Source: Canadian Paralympic Committee

Thumbs UP… to airports and other groups worldwide who are adopting the “Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program” to support passengers with invisible disabilities such as autism, chronic pain, epilepsy, low vision, hearing loss, dementia, anxiety disorders, brain injuries and more. The Sunflower logo, worn discreetly and voluntarily on a lanyard aims to help staff and others to best identify and assist those who are travelling with hidden disabilities who many need a little extra patience, care and assistance during their travel experience.


Thumbs UP… to 3D Wheelchair printing which is making production more affordable and personalized for users. According to recent reports, Reptique, a German based digital manufacturing company is leveraging multi jet fusion technology to produce parts and save the significant cost related to injection mould production. 3D tech wizards are hoping to enable future wheelchairs to be more customer centric—flexible in design, individual adaptation for fit, lifestyle and of course, colour selection.


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