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Still Alice
Alice Howland is at the prime of her life. She is an accomplished university professor in the field of cognitive psychology and is happily married with three grown children. But these days she is gradually becoming more disoriented and forgetful and is soon diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Now adapted for film, this captivating story is told from Alice’s point of view.
Pages: 400
$22.61 • ISBN: 978-1501107733
Pocket Books

Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
This is an existentialist take on life, loneliness and anxiety—and tackles the tough questions people often try to avoid. Claudia Rankine presents information with photos and poetry in a format that is as layered and complex as the subject matter. A lyrical essay with great perception about being alive, and truly alive.
Pages: 168
$16.72 • ISBN: 978-1555974077
Graywolf Press

Mind Over Mood
This book specializes in cognitive therapy self-help, treatment and training. Written by two master clinicians, Dennis Greenberger and Christine A. Padesky. This second edition workbook uses mood questionnaires and other actionable exercises to help people overcome anything from depression, panic attacks or anxiety to eating disorders, substance abuse or relationship problems. By identifying, rating and tracking changes in moods, readers can take steps to alter moods and take action.
Pages: 341
$19.40 • ISBNL 978-1462520428
Guilford Press

Deenie is only concerned about the things most teens think about—friends, school and boys, especially the cute one she’s into! Her mother wants her to be a successful model and be on the cover of a magazine, or in the movies! But when Deenie is diagnosed with scoliosis, her whole world turns around because she needs to add wearing a body brace for the foreseeable future on her list of things to worry about in becoming a young adult, and her mother must reevaluate her priorities.
Pages: 208
$9.99 • ISBN: 978-1481410366
Atheneum Books For Young Readers


Lime Connect
This is a job search site for people with disabilities. The organization seeks to rebrand disability through achievement as it connects university students and alumni—including veterans—to corporate partners in Canada and the US. It also offers programs to teach and give job seekers resources and hosts networking events to help applicants foster the right connections to land their next big opportunity.

Special Bridge
Launched in 2013, Special Bridge is a dating site and social community designed to help differently abled people find romantic relationships, or new friendships, with others having similar interests and abilities. Among the member features are private messaging, chat and video options, and access to support forums. Fees vary depending on choice of basic, full-access or lifetime (one payment) membership.


At Eye Level (Auf Augenhöhe)
11-year-old Michi resides in a group home in Germany. He tries to fit in with the other kids but always seems to be something of an outsider. One day he learns that his father, Tom, happens to be a dwarf and is actually shorter than him. Soon the other kids find this out and Michi is teased to the point that he decides to run away. Having nowhere to go, he moves in with Tom, who now has to learn to be a father and come to terms with his dwarfism at the same time.
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