Look for Childrens’ Gifts, good advice


I came across this video after typing “belonging and identity” into Youtube Search engine.  I haven’t much experience with the speaker or his work, yet liked the blurb describing it:Children desperately want to become adults, and they learn how from what they see around them. Parents have enormous power to influence their children’s lives and directions. Award-winning speaker, author and consultant Denis Waitley says that by recognizing and harnessing that power, they can help kids develop the sense of belonging, individual identity, self-worth, and competency they want and need to become strong, effective adults. Denis helps you understand: Authoritarian, authoratative, permissive and uninvolved parenting styles; How to compete with media and peers to be your child’s role model; The importance of discovering a child’s natural gifts; Setting goals that are “out of reach” but not “out of sight.”

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