Ability Online: A Place for kids to connect


The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in Toronto is home to dozens of social mission organizations working to create positive social change, support arts and culture and build community. In its third year of operation, CSI (www.socialinnovation.ca) has expanded to offer space, programming and shared services to many more organizations. One of the groups moving into CSI is Ability Online – a “free and monitored online support community that links kids with disabilities or illness to other kids and adults who care.” Kids meet and chat with other people with similar experience in a virtual world where there are few physical boundaries or barriers. It’s a space to potentially make friends, as well as receive mentorship and support from peers and adults.

Ability Online connects volunteers and young people through various programs, games and activities. They also offer private e-communities to off-line support groups that can benefit from online facilities. Perhaps you and/or your community can nurture belonging through the free services they offer (www.abilityonline.org).


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