151 More Ideas to Nurture Belonging: 79 – 94 Ideas


Plan Institute hosts a week-long leadership training retreat each year and invites leaders from around the world to attend. Each of these leaders is interested in applying the model of social networks to address the aspiration of a good life for people whom are vulnerable to isolation and loneliness. This year the Institute invited The Belonging Initiative to host a dialogue with the leaders to explore contribution, citizenship and belonging.

The conversation was rich and many ideas were put forward to encourage our society forward in this work. We tried to harvest some of this inspiration, collecting 151 Ideas to Nurture Belonging and 90 Contributions and Gifts that connect people together – some of these will need a little interpretation on your part.

151 ideas to nurture belonging and citizenship
79. treat everyone as you would wish to be treated yourself
80. respect others
81. honour diversity…
82. connect together
83. one good turn deserves another
84. connect together
85. have a street party
86. get to know your neighbour
87. bake cookies for your neighbour as a welcome to the community
88. take time- make time
89. share
90. leave your mind open to new things/ideas
91. break down your own barriers
92. smile at someone
93. talk to a stranger on the bus
94. be seen in your community

What contribution and gifts connect people?
79. willingness to reach out
80. college buddies in same major
81. warm hugs
82. smooching
83. participation
84. just being together
85. listening
86. understanding
87. touch
88. humanity
89. when we teach others new things
90. acceptance


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