101 Ideas to Nurture Belonging: Ideas 51-62


These ideas to nurture belonging just keep coming and coming and …

51. Walk a dog where there are other people.
52. Go to off-leash parks, lots of dog people there!
53. If you can’t walk a dog, go up to a dog owner and talk to them about their dog.
54. Connect with someone else who’s here today and hear more about what they are doing in their work and life about nurturing belonging.
55. Involve more people with disabilities in belonging dialogues.
56. Spend more time in nature and invite others with or without disabilities to join you. We need to regain our connection to the natural world.
57. Create peer group and ask each member to bring someone new into the group.
58. Speak to other groups about your disability – teach them.
59. Invite all your friends to the You Gotta Have Friends Conference in Langley May 4th and 5th.
60. Get a report on how Langley conference went and replicate the idea in your neighbourhood. Use the resources of your local Health Authority Community Developer person to help you arrange it.
61. Use the World Café or something like it to engage people (outside of disability services) in thinking about creating more welcoming communities. Engage different groups such as faith communities, associations and organizations and anyone who is interested.
62. adding to the previous suggestion: invite the business community too.


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