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Recent and noteworthy books, websites and videos.

Recent and noteworthy books, websites and videos.


War on Autism: On the Cultural Logic of Normative Violence War on Autism by Anne McGuire looks at autism in the lenses of a variety of interpretive, theoretical perspectives. These perspectives include critical disability and cultural studies, queer and critical race theory. McGuire also takes a look at the productive effects of contemporary discourses of autism and the negative discourse that is often circulated in the field. Good advocacy, according to the author means ensuring that autistic people are able to fully express themselves without pity or maintenance.

Pages: 274 $37.14 – ISBN: 978-0472053124 University of Michigan Press

Don’t Call Me Special: A First Look at Disability A heartwarming picture book that explores the questions and concerns about those who are differently abled. Your kids can learn about individual disabilities, the equipment that assists them and how people of all ages work and live with disabilities. Written by psychotherapist and counselor Pat Thomas who advocates for positive interaction among children, parents, and teachers, Don’t Call Me Special encourages kids to ask questions and confront social and emotional issues.

Pages: 32 $7.99 – ISBN: 978-0764121180 Barron’s Educational Series

The Year We Fell Down: Corey Callahan was expected to start college as a varsity hockey captain. That was until an accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. Now, while taking university courses, Corey spots Adam Hartley, who was also a hockey player until he broke his leg. Unfortunately for Corey, Adam is taken. Nonetheless, they become friends as they begin to bond over shared struggles and their common interests. Eventually Adam falls for Corey and must make a choice. His current girlfriend or the girl who understands him the most.

Pages: 274 pages $16.65 – ISBN: 0991068009 Rennie Road Books


WORKink ( Looking for a job that is accessible to you? Are you concerned about telling your employer about your disability? WORKink helps talented individuals find successful job postings and begin the journey towards a promising job/career. Start by building your profile and go to the resource section to learn about resume building and interview preparation. All proceeds from WORKink go directly to Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW).

Youthline ( Queer youth at risk may find refuge in a toll free Ontario based, crisis hotline called Youthline. The hotline’s phone operators are dedicated to helping and have their own relatable experiences of homophobia, transphobia, and queerphobia to share. The Youthline helps those struggling with acceptance from others and helping them overcome the challenges of discrimination that they may face in their schools, family, work and communities.


CinemAbility Directed by Jenni Gold, Cinembility is a full length documentary that examines the ever-changing portrayals of disability in film and television. It also provides a psychoanalysis to describe the media’s influence in transforming the societal inclusion of people with disabilities. Cinembility has Hollywood celebrities discuss the issue. Watch the trailer at:

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